• Aircon Services Singapore

    Aircon Services Singapore

    Are you looking for the best aircon servicing company in Singapore? You have come to the right place!
    • 90 days workmanship warranty
    • High-quality services at an affordable rate
    • No hidden costs and gimmicks

3 Reasons To Choose CoolQuiz

  • We are specialized with aircon services like aircon repair, aircon installation and aircon maintenance

    We have a team of engineering experts who have years of experience with air con servicing in Singapore where they will assist you in finding the right air conditioning unit for your needs and also help you with regular aircon maintenance like aircon cleaning to ensure your air con is working at its maximum potential and ensuring your aircon is at its best condition.

    Our experience and trained installer are experts in installing a wide range of aircon brands like Daikin, Fujitsu, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric and more!

    We also have readily-available replacement parts Authorized by Building and Construction Authority wherever and whenever you need it. This is so that we can provide same day aircon repair service to you as we understand your desire and need for dependable air conditioning units.

    To find out more aircon brand we install and the material we use for aircon repair, check out our aircon installation page where it contains all the information you need.

  • For all the services we provide for you, it comes with 90 days workmanship warranty.

    We provide services like one-time general aircon service, annual maintenance contract, chemical overhaul and aircon troubleshooting and repair where it comes with 90 days warranty for workmanship.

    For one time general aircon service, we will help you with aircon maintenance like tightening of electrical contacts, check bio-pure / deodorizing filter and more. General aircon services will help you save energy and repair costs, prevent system breakdown and also increase the cooling efficiency of the system.

    For annual maintenance contract, we will help you clean and check your air filters, indoor drainage tray, vacuuming of a drainage system, check compressor suction and pressure and brush and check outdoor condenser coil at a discounted rate for tri-yearly or quarterly services.

    For chemical overhaul, we will help you unclog dirty particles from your choked aircon where general service does not help or improve the condition of your aircon. We will chemical clean / wash your fan coil unit and all parts to ensure there are no stubborn stains and vacuum drainage pipe thoroughly. This will help prolong the life span of your aircon and also help you on saving energy costs.

    For aircon repair service, we will advise you on the cost of repair for air conditioner breakdowns and also helps you to evaluate the condition of your aircon to advise you on the best and affordable solution for your aircon.

    To know more about the aircon services, you could visit the service pagewhere more of the scope and benefits of the service could be found on that page.

  • CoolQuiz is an aircon servicing company in Singapore where we extend our reliable services to residential h4 commercial properties.

    We are an aircon maintenance company that provides high-quality services at an affordable rate. By engaging with us, you will surely save costs as there are no hidden costs and gimmicks and we ensure you that our service will be reliable and worth it.

    Visit our Contact us page to send in an inquiry form or call us at 65608098 / 65672198 to book an aircon service now!