About us

Our Values

We carry out our work with utmost diligence, responsibility, and integrity. We commit to providing nothing else but dependable and high-quality services that allow you to fully enjoy your air conditioning units

Our Mission

Regardless of whether you are running a home or an office, our objective is to establish successful partnerships with our clients by upholding their trust, delivering requirements, and maintaining good customer relations even after project completion.

Specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning units | Best Aircon Repair In Singapore

Located in Singapore, we extend our reliable services to residential and commercial properties.

With a team of engineering experts and years of experience in the business, CoolQuiz Aircon & Engineering knows how air conditioners work. You can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth as we assist you in finding the right air conditioning unit, administering regular maintenance, and having readily-available replacement parts wherever and whenever you need it.

Moreover, we understand how air conditioners can work for you. We understand your desire and need for dependable air conditioning units that provide ideal temperature settings, improve overall indoor ventilation, and maximize energy efficiency.