Aircon Installation

Selecting trained & experienced installer is important as improper installation may result in the unit falling, water leakage, electric shocks or fire

We offer a wide range of brands as following:

Material We Used:

– Refrigerant Pipes : 22SWG Copper Tubes

– Drainage Pipes : 16mm PVC Pipes with insulations

– Insulations : 1/2” thick

– Power Cable : 100% Copper Wires

Authorised by:

  • 60 months warranty on compressor form Agents.
  • 12 months warranty on other parts from Agents.

The warranty period may vary subject to the Manufacturer’s / Agent’s terms & conditions

Quality Installation:

All installations will carry out by trained & experienced installers and with no compromise to materials quality too. Good quality workmanship is certainly worth your time and investment.