Annual Aircon Maintenance Contract

Aircon UnitsTri – Yearly (3x)Quarterly (4x)
1 Fancoil (c/w condenser)$ 100$ 120
2 Fancoil (c/w condenser)$ 160$ 180
3 Fancoil (c/w condenser)$ 180$ 230
4 Fancoil (c/w condenser)$ 240$ 280
5 Fancoil (c/w condenser)$ 300$ 360
6 Fancoil (c/w condenser)$ 350$ 420

**Above prices is not applicable to Commerical offices, Jurong Industrial Area/Tuas, Changi/Loyang, Ocean Drive (Sentosa) and Marina Bay Sands and certain areas in Seletar.

  • Clean & check air filters, front panel, & cover
  • Check of bio-pure / deodorizing filter
  • Clean & check indoor drainage tray
  • Vacuuming of drainage system
  • Brush & check outdoor condenser coil
  • Tightening of electrical contacts
  • Check compressor suction and discharge pressure
  • Check fan bearing and lubricate (if necessary)
  • Cleaner air to breathe in
  • Pro-long the life span of the equipment
  • Increase the cooling efficiency of the system
  • Prevention of system breakdown
  • Water leaking rectification during contract period
  • Special prices on repair & chemical services
  • Topping up of refrigerant (R22) & (R410A) gas (limit to 5 pressure point per trip)
  • Priority for all break down inspections at no additional charges

Warranty 90 days for workmanship

To ensure quality, cool, comfort, it is recommended to have an aircon maintenance contract. We provide quality services which include rapid response time and reliability of efficient performance of your air conditioning system. Just leave all maintenance works & problems to us!